Items Supplied by Others

The following items are not supplied by Hampshire Timber Frame and are the responsibility of the owner.
  • Land and site preparation, including excavation
  • All building fees and permits
  • Engineer's review and or certification (if required)
  • Materials for construction of foundations, first floor decks, stairways and porches
  • Furring material (usually 5/8" OSB) to space the panels away from the frame and decks
  • 2x blocking, to be placed in the SIPs for window & door rough openings, as nailers for siding and trim
  • Transportation of package (Hampshire Timber Frame can set up the transportation of the package)
  • Covering (tarps, sheds) for materials to prevent water damage
  • Crane, fork lift (with extendable forks), equipment and temporary bracing for unloading and or installation of building materials
  • Electrical power generators, food and/or water at job site
  • Any and all internal partition and bearing walls
  • Finish flooring and dry wall materials and supplies
  • All plumbing and electrical materials and supplies:  home owner to supply electrical layout, on-site, prior to frame and panel installation.  If desired, the home owner may supply the electrical layout information to Hampshire Timber Frame to be included on the SIP layout drawings.
  • All heating and HVAC materials and supplies.  We recommend installation of an air-exchange system; an optional humidifying system may also be desired.
  • All roofing materials and supplies. Standing seam metal roofs may cost 3 to 5 times as much as asphalt or fiberglass shingled roofs.
  • All siding and trim fasteners, metal drip edge, felt and all other finishing components and supplies